Your “Get Gorgeous Guide” to Hair Color

So you’re looking to try a new hair color. Should you get single process hair color or double process? Should you try highlights? Or lowlights? What’s the difference? Color expert and Creative Artist for Lakme USA Manolo demystifies the salon colorist services menu.

Single Process Color - Manolo SalonsSingle Process Color is all one tone. It can be either permanent or semi-permanent, but there are no highlights. New color or toner is applied all over to create a new base color. Single process hair color is applied more easily than double-process or highlights, and it’s a great way to cover gray hairs and add shine to dull hair.

Keep in mind that because of root growth, hair that is colored all over, will need to be touched up every four to eight weeks.

Double Process colorDouble Process is typically used when lightening hair by more than two shades, like changing from a dark hair color, like brunette, to a much lighter, blond color, for instance. The process involves actually stripping natural hair color (or color from previous dye jobs) first and then adding colored pigments into the hair to create the desired shade. This is definitely a process to leave to a professional.

Double process color can also involve both highlights and all-over color. This can create a multi-dimensional effect that is more natural looking. This two-step color change process is permanent, and the natural color will be noticeable as the roots of the hair grow out again.

Highlights or Lowlights - Manolo SalonsHighlights or Lowlights are just sections of your hair that are colored darker or lighter, leaving your base color intact. This is a great option for enhancing hair that already has a great base tone. Highlights look best when your colorist uses at least two different shades, and they highlights should be layered to produce tonal variations. There should be lights, mediums and darks to create contrast and dimension in the hair.

Although they tend to be more expensive and the application process is more complicated, highlights actually require less maintenance than all-over color and can last two to three months.

There are many different options for applications of a new hair color. If you feel perplexed at the choices and don’t know which is right for you, contact the professional stylists at Manolo Salons for a free consultation today!

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