What Holiday ‘Do is New and Is It for You?

Red HeadFall is here and winter is just around the corner producing new and trendy hairstyles to show off at exciting events and seasonal parties. Finding just the right hairstyle for you may mean you need to consider visiting your local hair salon to find out which of the following ideas will help you unleash your fashion savvy and discover your beauty!

An elegant updo is making a huge comeback this year and is always a classic look. The longer the hair the more dramatic the result will be. A coifed ‘do is ideal for the sophisticated evening, but don’t overlook the fun of wavy curls twisted into a bun for that carefree, but smart look. Drop the bun and sport a ponytail for an informal invite. It is easy to transition from relaxed day look to stylish evening look with an upsweep of the ponytail and a clip. Add feathers for voguish appeal or a decorative comb for the cocktail set and all eyes will turn to you when you enter the room. The best thing about this hairstyle is you can never go wrong with the right updo!

There are certain hairstyles that will never go out of style.  If your goal is to keep it simple there are many ways to accentuate your natural hair. There are tools that can help transform straight hair to the wave of a vintage look or amp up the volume with luxurious curls. Frame your face with a tapered cut or give your face a true makeover with bangs.  Thrust yourself into an old style that is new again and adorn your face with simple braids or go “Bo” all the way. If you just want to keep things sleek and simple, you can always part down the middle. Find yourself ready for some attitude? A short and sassy cut on the right face will have heads turning and people talking.

There are as many hairstyles available as there are hair textures.  Finding the right look to accentuate your features is something a qualified, professional salon stylist can help you with. Remember, whether the season compels you to keep it simple and straight or sleek and trendy with the latest new updo, unleash the inner you for a fabulous new look this season!