The Thick and Thin of Caring for Maturing Hair

Aging HairAs we age, the number of hair fibers on our head decreases and there is less production of melanin – which gives hair its color. In other words, our hair thins out and turns gray, which are usually the more visible signs of aging hair. But besides just newfound grays, subtle changes in texture, moisture, shine and manageability can eventually add up to a head of hair you barely recognize.

Luckily, hair care professionals and scientists have made huge strides in the research on caring for thinning and aging hair, and the beauty industry has recently seen an influx of anti-aging hair care products. Here, Manolo shares the latest products and best solutions to the biggest problems with maturing hair.

Lakme Cool Style Brush Up - Manolo SalonsDefy Dry Conditions – Don’t Over Cleanse

Even if you haven’t changed your hair care routine, you might notice that your hair has become drier. As we age, the amount of sebum, or oil, that our scalps produce declines, and by menopause, our scalp may only be secreting about half the sebum it did at its peak. While maturing hair may be less greasy, having less sebum also means losing some of the protective lubrication that minimizes friction. Hair that is low on sebum feels coarser, looks duller and is more unwieldy.

To offset dry conditions, avoid over cleansing. Try washing hair less frequently and alternating with a dry shampoo, like Lakmé’s K.Style Cool Brush Up. This dry shampoo product freshens between washes and provides UV, thermal and color safe protection.

K.Style Active Products - Manolo SalonsUse Products Designed Specifically for Your Hair Type

On days you do wash, use a shampoo that is formulated specially for dry hair. Try Lakmé K.Therapy Active Prevention Shampoo, which revitalizes dull strands and prevents hair loss. This shampoo contains ingredients that improve blood circulation and stimulate cell dynamism to delay hair loss and also regulates and normalizes the scalp’s sebum production.

After washing, follow up with a leave-in hydrator like Lakmé K.Therapy Active Prevention Lotion. This leave-in conditioner is good for daily use as a fortifying lotion, strengthens hair fiber and prevents hair loss.

Hello, Hydration

While all hair types can benefit from a hydrating hair mask, aging hair especially needs the concentrated moisture, possibly more than once a week. Hair masks revitalize weak hair and repair damaged ends. A good hair mask gives hair strength, resistance and shine. Try Lakmé K.Therapy Active Fortifying Mask, an easy-to-apply at home treatment for hair loss

If you have curly hair, you may want to use a hydrating masks several times a week; sebum oil that travels from the scalp may never reach the very tips of ringlets.

Leave It To The ProsLeave it to the Pros

Talk to a stylist who also specializes in colorist services. A salon professional can give you the best hair cut to disguise thinning hair, with layers around your face and on top for volume. They will have specific recommendations for products to use and colors to sample. Because it is coarser than young hair, gray hair is more resistant to taking color than it once was. It’s possible that your hair may require a specialty color or formulation, and your stylist will have the best solutions for you.

With the continued research and advancements in hair care technology, women no longer need to be plagued by the issues associated with aging hair. Contact Manolo Salons for more information about what products or treatments are right for you.

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