Tantalizing “Toned and Tanned” Treatment Now Available at Manolo Salons

Lait-Hydra-BronzeSpring has sprung and when temperatures rise, so do the hemlines. It is during this time of year- when our skin comes out of hiding from behind the long sleeves and pants- that we especially notice dry, pale or pasty skin and those little dimples that speckle the parts of our body that our warmer-weather wardrobe tends to show off.

Just in time for the sunnier seasons, Manolo Salons has prescribed a winning combination of treatments for toned and tanned skin. The Aromatic Body Treatment from Guinot paired with use of the gradual tan moisturizing lotion Lait Hydra Bronze produces smooth, healthy skin with a natural sun-kissed glow.

Guinot-Body-TreatmentThe Aromatic Body Treatment incorporates a specific Guinot massage, essential oils and an exclusive rubberizing Sauna Mask. This invigorating contouring treatment helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite, flushing toxins and tightening the skin for a smooth finish. It also increases blood circulation and reduces water retention.

“Mother Nature provides wonderful beauty products,” Manolo said. “The Guinot Aromatic Body Treatment is holistic and natural. It relaxes and slims the body and softens skin without the use of harsh chemicals or invasive laser treatments.”

Sauna-MaskStep 1: Initially, skin is prepared by applying Guinot’s Exfoliessence Gel all over the body. The gel combines glycolic acid with papaya and lemon enzymes to exfoliate the epidermis and slough off dead surface skin cells.

Step 2: A slimming massage using Guinot’s Anti-Cellulite Detoxifying Oils breaks down adipose cells and increases toxin release and circulation while helping to strengthen capillary walls.

Step 3: An anti-water retention Refining Sauna Mask with clay and green tea is applied in a thick, even layer over the body. Wrapping the skin in plastic sheet and towel provides a true sauna effect. After 15 minutes, the gel mask is peeled off, leaving the body cool and calm and the skin glowing.

After completing the Aromatic Body Treatment, skin is exfoliated and moisturized, making it the perfect canvas for holding color.

Tanning in a bed with fluorescent lights is the ultimate beauty fail. Despite what the salon may tell you, there is no such thing as a “safe” tan from a tanning bed. The UVA and UVB radiation damages our skin, causing wrinkles and skin cancer, and adversely affects our immune system. Many women also avoid self-tanners, afraid of streaky tan lines, an unnatural orange glow or products that dry out skin and leave it smelling like a day-old piña colada.

guinot-tanGuinot’s gradual tan moisturizing lotion Lait Hydra Bronze hydrates and softens skin and provides a natural, golden hue, tanning the skin without the negative effects of baking in UV rays. Its light, non-sticky texture is easy to apply and does not streak, and the floral, feminine scent is sweet and enchanting.

For more information on taking a healthy and holistic approach to toned and tanned skin, contact the professionals at Manolo Salons. The salon offers an extensive line of Guinot beauty products, and the skilled estheticians can prescribe the right treatment for your body and explain the proper applications so you can discover the beauty in you.