So long, summer; welcome, fall!

Repair summer-damaged hair and transition to new fall styles

Softened OmbreAs summer fades into fall and we trade our sundresses and sandals for blazers and boots, it is also time to tend to our tresses!

The summer sun, the beach and the pool, while fun for us, have wreaked havoc on our hair, leaving it dry, frizzy, brittle and unmanageable. While damaging hair is fairly easy, undoing the damage of sun, salt water and chlorine chemical residue can be frustratingly difficult.

A trip to salon is a step in the right direction to revive your locks. First, they will replenish hair with a salon-quality moisturizing shampoo and rinse-out conditioner. A leave-in-conditioner that is applied after washing or styling will help seal in moisture and seal out further effects of damaging elements.

Next, a Kérastase nourishing hair masque will condition, add volume, strengthen and boost hair color. Make sure to consult with your hair stylist so ensure application of the masque that is right for you, whether you have fine, thick, curly or mature hair.

“Applying a hair masque is a necessity, especially if we are going to apply color to hair that is damaged to some extent. It rejuvenates the hair,” Manolo said. “Of course, a great haircut is part of the answer to damaged hair too.”

Ombre ColorAfter your hair has been washed and thoroughly conditioned, the hair stylists at Manolo Salons will help you transition to a new, fall hair color. Deeper hues for your hair are fashionable, like rich red hues, whiskey shades, deeper golden low lights and dark chocolate.

For blondes, adding a touch of an intoxicating almond or whiskey shade lowlights are a great way to add richness and depth and are a great contrast to the bright summer blonde. Chestnuts and chocolates are the brunette shades for brown in the fall. For redheads looking to revamp the bright yellow/orange summer red formula, cool it off a bit and become more autumnal with a touch of auburn.

Manolo cautions against trying trends that you see in a magazine that won’t work for your coloring or lifestyle. “There are so many choices and ways to enhance your style with hair color; we don’t need to do anything unnatural,” Manolo said. “Natural is beautiful!”

Being the progressive stylist that he is, Manolo still believes that education is the key. He and his hair stylists continue to improve as artists in an industry that constantly evolving by taking advantage of learning opportunities. “I have been a hair stylist for many decades, but I still learn something new every single day in this industry,” Manolo said. “The techniques and the artistry are always evolving. Inspiration and education are constant.”