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relax: To become less tense, tight, or stiff. To stop feeling nervous or worried. To spend time resting or doing something enjoyable especially after you have been doing work.

A large part of the Manolo Salons experience is unwinding and allowing yourself to relax. Creating a salon experience that goes beyond normal and far above average, you’ll find an entirely organic experience at Manolo when indulging in our beauty services including skin care, nail care, massage, and more.

A trip to Manolo Salons is worth the price you will pay because personalized service comes with an education as we are always happy to give you the full benefit of our skin care secrets. Coupled with the rather extensive line of Guinot Skin Care products, you begin to understand that what others attempt to do, the skin care specialists at Manolo Salons perform to perfection.

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Hydradermie Treatment

This multifaceted treatment delivers deep cleansing, purification, oxygenation and maximum hydration.

$ 125

Hand Treatment

Designed to relieve brown spots, while addressing resurfacing and collagen reproduction in a series of 4 – 6 treatments priced individually.

$ 45

Hydradermie Lift Treatment

Indulge yourself with the treatment that smooths facial features deep down through muscular exercise.

$ 150

Back Facial Treatment (Starts at)

This treatment delivers a deep cleansing, resurfacing while revitalizing trouble areas of your back.

$ 100

Beauté Nueve

This hyper-pigmentation treatment will restore a radiant complexion, while 3 helps accelerate cellular renewal revealing a more youthful complexion.

$ 100

Beverly Hills Stars Facial

This deep tissue treatment plumps up the skin while removing all impurities from the deepest areas of the skin.

$ 200

Liftosome Treatment

Guinot Liftosome treatment with Pro-Collagen visibly transforms the skin within to firm, lift and add renewed radiance.

$ 125

Hydra Clean Treatment

Uses a patented Thermoclean Electrode instead of steam (which can dry out and damge the skin) to offer spa enthusiasts glowing skin in 30 minutes.

$ 60


An effective treatment that helps treat acne and acne scars, refine lines and reduce sun damage and hyperpigmentation.

$ 100

Express Facial (30 Min.)

Deep cleansing exfoliation and mask for instant radiance.

$ 60

Age Summum

A beauty treatment that combines technology and exclusive movements for visible results on signs of aging.

$ 160

Aromatic Facial

Relaxing and calming essential oils and a cooling mask for a rejuvenated result.

$ 90

Aromatic Body Treatment

An anti-cellulite contouring treatment that incorporates a specific Guinot massage, essential oils, and an exclusive rubberizing Sauna Mask. This invigorating treatment helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite, flushing toxins and tightening the skin for a smooth finish.

$ 150

Full Body Exfoliation and Tan

Exfoliate with Gel D’Exfoliessence for silky soft skin, followed by a pleasurable self-tanning treatment, will give you a coppery tan with natural looking highlights.

Full Body (Starts At)
Legs (Starts At)
$ 100
$ 60

Lift Treatments (Add On)

Eye Lift $ 50
Neck Lift $ 50
Decoletée Mask $ 30

* Prices subject to change

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Lips $ 20
Chin $ 20
Lips + Chin $ 35
Full Face $ 55
Full Legs $ 100
Half Legs (Starts At) $ 40
Eyebrow Arching $ 40
French Bikini $ 45
Brazilian Bikini $ 70
Full Arms $ 60
Half Arms $ 35
Underarms $ 25
Back (Starts At) $ 85
Chest $ 65

* Prices subject to change

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Lash & Brow Treatments

Natural 3-D Extensions (Full Set) $ 200
Re-Fill (Every 2 Weeks) $ 75
Re-Fill (Every 3 Weeks) $ 125
Silk Extensions (Full Set) $ 180
Re-Fill (Every 2 Weeks) $ 65
Mink Extensions (Full Set) $ 150
Re-Fill (Every 2 Weeks) $ 65
Brow Tinting $ 20
Lash Tinting $ 25
Brow Waxing $ 25

* Prices subject to change

dallas massage servicesRejuvenating massage services are among the many spa and salon services offered at Manolo Salons.

The art of massage has been in use for centuries as a tool many have believed to provide healing properties through the power of touch. Many people feel that massage is less of a luxury than it is actually a necessity in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle despite the stresses incurred in the typically fast-paced lives of professional men and women.

Finding that hour to set aside for yourself and enjoy a massage as Manolo Salons can make the difference in creating a more revitalized you!

We expect that you will love the way you feel after receiving a massage by one of our exceptional massage therapists!

Massages are offered by appointment only so please call (972) 385-8177 to discuss the type of massage you are interested in and to schedule an appointment.