Oh, Manolo, Make Me Over!

Milani and Manolo - Manolo SalonsA Beauty Blogger’s Review of the Manolo Salons Experience

I have been writing beauty articles for blogs for more than three years. Someone in my position – with regular contact with salon professionals and beauty industry experts – would surely have a trendy new hairstyle every few months, or at least a different hair color technique on my tresses, right?

Wrong. Even though I follow hair salons closely and frequently research new developments in the beauty industry, I was in my own hairstyle rut. I had long hair for most of my life, and most recently, for about 8 years straight. I was so ready for an updated, different look, but hesitant to trust just anyone with my appearance.

The First Cut - Manolo SalonsThat’s where Manolo Salons came in. Not just a hair stylist, but a renowned image consultant Manolo Colmenero – known to the world as simply “Manolo” – has more than three decades of experience helping his customers discover their beauty and transforming their styles before their very eyes. Manolo is a pioneer for continuing beauty education and innovative techniques that inspire clients and other salon professionals worldwide. If anyone was going to cut my hair, change my look and give me a new style, it was going to be Manolo! I called and made an appointment with Manolo at their North Dallas location.

Upon arriving, I was greeted by the friendly, professional staff, offered bottled water and given a nice, soft robe embroidered with the Manolo Salons logo to wear. After hearing my instructions that, “You can do anything you want – I trust you,” Manolo studied my face and hair for a few moments and then asked me if he could cut the length to above my shoulders. After I gave him the ok, he started by tying my long, straight hair back into a ponytail and then clipping off about 10″ of it. And just like that, I had short hair. Manolo smiled in the mirror as he playfully held up my lopped off ponytail to his own hair and joked that our hair color is similar and that maybe he would make his own extensions. Manolo made me laugh and helped me feel comfortable about making a big change.

Styling Selfie - Manolo SalonsLaughing, we moved to the shampoo room, which was equipped with sleek, new massage chairs and contoured, ergonomic sinks. Flat screen TVs in the corners provided entertainment while I sat comfortably at the upscale hair washing station. Manolo Salons Junior Assistant Kayla De La Rosa washed my hair with Kérastase Volumifique Shampoo – twice. She said washing it twice ensures a thorough cleansing for hair, especially if hair is prone to clinging to dirt or if you don’t wash hair daily – which you shouldn’t. She expertly massaged my scalp as part of her hair washing routine, and then she used Kérastase Volumifique Conditioner on my hair before giving it a final rinse.

On to the haircut and style… Manolo used special scissors and said he was going to give me a style that had lots of movement. As he began to clip away methodically and confidently, he asked me about my normal hair care routine – Am I a wash and wear kind of girl? Or am I good with a round brush and a blow dryer? Do I spend a lot of time using heat styling tools? I understood that Manolo wasn’t going to just give me a style that would look good when I left the salon; he was going to give me a look that I would be able to recreate and maintain myself so that I could have that “just-left-the-salon” look every day.

Kerastase K Laque Dentelle - Manolo SalonsHe applied Kérastase Mousse Bouffant to add volume and structure without adding weight. He used a small barrel bristle brush to style my new ‘do with the blow dryer. When my hair was dry, he also applied Kérastase V.I.P. Volume In Powder, a dry volumizing and texturizing spray. Finally, a shot of Kérastase Laque Dentelle flexible hold hairspray set the look.

I could not have been happier when Manolo help up the hand mirror and whirled me around to show off my new style. It resembled a bob, but shorter layers in the back gave the whole look more bounce. It was stylish and chic and actually felt more like me than my previous style. Friends told me that I looked younger and that the new style Manolo gave me suited me perfectly.

So like many others before, I was finally able to experience for myself the difference that Manolo can truly make. Thank you, Manolo, for helping discover the beauty in me!

Milani - Before and After - Manolo Salons

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