Make Valentine’s Day All About You!

Manolo Salons | A Picture Perfect Valentine's DayAre you trying to figure out exactly what you can do to make that big date on Valentine’s Day really lasting and special? You could buy a new outfit, make reservations at the finest restaurant, or prepare a candle lit dinner just for the two of you. No matter where you are or what you do, it’s you that makes the night special!  From the first glimpse to the last kiss of the night, it’s all about you! So make the night a night you will always remember with a fabulously new and interesting you!

You know you always wanted to try something different. It’s as easy as finding a new way to wear your hair to make you feel like are ready for anything! Take a look at some magazines and see if something strikes your fancy. Consult with a professional hair colorist to choose just the right color, tone and balance. Whether your hair is short or long, straight or curly, you can change your look and embrace every-day, easy styles that can be transformed to outright fabulous for any occasion – just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Do you just love the “bombshell” look?  Even if your hair is short, you can have it.  Or, try adding great extensions to achieve the look with that long hair you have always wanted. Would you prefer a more romantic style? Try finger texturing your hair for that “just rolled out of bed” look making waves on red carpets around the world.

You might enjoy the wet, retro “Leo” (think DiCaprio, here) or the fun, flapper look of rolls and finger curls featured on the fashion runways this season. If you are leaning toward a more dramatic style, try the sleek, side-parted sweep that leaves one side down to frame your face while the opposite is pinned back behind the ear.

Do you prefer your hair off your face? Then you will be happy to know that headbands are all the rage again!  Choose a scarf, or a band covered with fabric, glitter, faux jewels or a satin and velvet combination.  In shapes from thin to wide, or straight to scrolled edges, the right one can add flair to that special outfit and help you make a style statement all your own.

In the end, experts tell us there are few “rules” this year and individuality is the watchword. So, if you have a rebel streak in you, choose brilliant colors or a geometric cut that reflects your personal style. Whatever direction you follow, a professional cut and the right products will help your hair look its best and you feel special.  Schedule a consultation with your hair stylist today and do something that says, “I’m ready to own the night!”  After all, it’s all about you!