Isys Leyton

Isys Leyton - Manolo SalonsDallas nail care specialist Isys Leyton brings 25 years of experience providing exceptional nail care services to Manolo Salons.

Working in salons and spas from Puerto Rico, to Miami, to Dallas, Isys has always been passionate about natural nail care. She focuses on manicure and pedicure treatments that use organic products, such as natural honey, oatmeal and NexGenNails organic dipping powder that allows natural nails to breathe, yet is water resistant.

Isys started doing nails when she was very young and spent the first 17 years of her career going back and forth between Puerto Rico and Miami to work. She worked towards a cosmetology degree for two years, worked part time painting nails and learned English while attending school. Then, she worked the Miss Universe pageant for 12 years, handling the nail care needs for all the contestants and adhering to a strict, demanding schedule.

Isys recently relocated to the United States full time to be with her son, who attends UTA, and is very happy to be settled in at Manolo Salons.

Her favorite service to perform is the pedicure, and she places a great deal of emphasis on how the feet are directly linked to your overall health. She believes this important part of the body is often ignored and that since feet support the body, having a pedicure is for health, while a manicure is more about physical appearance. Her most popular pedicure is the relaxing Lavender Exfoliating Pedicure.

Isys is passionate about her work and continues to study advancements in her field and is recertified every two years. “I’d like to believe that everyone certified is good at manicures and pedicures, as we all pass the same tests. But to really know if you are good, you must first find your own way, putting all your energy and passion into what you do,” Isys says. “Customers know the difference between someone able to do the work and someone who enjoys the work they do. Your attitude and how you make your customers feel is what will make them come back to you week after week. That is what makes you know you are doing something right!”