Keratin Treatments – Are They Really Safe?

Keratin Treatments at Manolo SalonsIf you ask what treatment has the ability to smooth out naturally curly or frizzy hair, the popular keratin hair treatment is probably the one that comes to mind first due to recent controversy regarding product safety. What is Keratin and even more important, what does a keratin treatment do? Keratin is the network of proteins that gives hair its structural strength. Keratin products are applied in treatments as a remedy to help relax hair shafts on all types of hair, including hair that has previously been bleached, hi-lighted, permed, straightened, or colored.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently investigated reports of stylists and customers becoming ill when using a number of keratin treatment products since 2009 spurring testing them for the presence of the cancer causing agent formaldehyde. They determined that some particular vendors’ products do contain formaldehyde and exceed safe levels and while there are a number of lawsuits pending and ongoing investigations, there are safe products in the market.

Additional concerns surrounding considering keratin treatments run the range from the inability to wash hair for at least 2-3 days; or that pushing hair behind ears or using any kind of hair clips or bands will potentially bend and crimp the hair. While keratin processes do relax the hair, they do not guarantee to completely straighten hair and may have other potential side effects, depending upon which product is used. This all begs the question, is there a safe keratin treatment and where can I get one?

The answer is yes, there is a safe treatment; you just need to find a salon with stylists trained and certified offering an FDA approved product. Currently there are only four FDA approved products in the United States. Properly certified stylists are taught everything through classroom instruction and they must also show proficiency by passing clinical exams.

Discriminating salons, like Manolo Salons in Dallas, employ certified staff and use safe, formaldehyde-free keratin products. These products are different from older technology chemical straighteners and relaxers on the market as they do not contain chemicals that strip, break down, and swell the hair shaft in the effort to restructure it. Instead, they gently relax the hair shaft, preserving the normal pH of human hair, and virtually removing the potential for damage.

Properly applied, a keratin treatment process permits you to normally cut, wash, and style hair immediately after the treatment. Gentle and reversible, the treatment washes out over time and is easy to maintain. As with all specialized hair treatments, do a little research and definitely consult a salon professional before you begin a treatment plan.