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renew: To make like new. Restore to freshness, vigor, or perfection.

Offering a full range of hair care services in our exceptional Dallas salons, when it’s time to renew – it’s time for that Manolo magic. With haircuts, hair styling, keratin treatments, extensions, wigs, and more – your precise style needs will be our top priority while customizing your new image.

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The full variety of Dallas hair care services are provided at Manolo Salons to meet all of your precise needs for style!

Below you will find a price list of many of the services we provide at our exceptional Dallas Salons.

Women’s Shampoo, Cut, Style & Finish $ 78 Men’s Shampoo and Cut $ 40
Women’s Shampoo, Cut & Finish (Wet Cut) $ 45 Men’s Single Process Color $ 45
Shampoo & Style (Short/Medium) $ 40 Men’s Highlights or Low Lights $ 85
Shampoo & Style (Medium/Long) $ 45 Men’s Gloss $ 25
Partial Perm $ 60 Kid’s Haircut (13 and under) $ 25
Full Perm (Starts At) $ 90 Girl’s Shampo, Cut, Style & Finish (13/21) $ 60
Relaxer $ 90 Girl’s Shampo, Cut (Wet Cut) (13/21) $ 40
Toner/Overlay $ 40 Boy’s Shampoo and Cut $ 28
Single Color Process $ 80 Boy’s Shampoo, Cut & Technical $ 65
Chroma Color $ 85 Wig Wash $ 40
Corrective Color (Starts at) $ 45 Women’s Make Up (Start at) $ 65
Parital Highlghts $ 75 Keratin Express (6 Wk Process Starts at) $ 125
Full Highlights $ 100 Keratin (12 Wk Process Starts at) $ 250
Updo & Braiding (Starts at) $ 65 Keratin Color Lock & Smooth $ 75
Bitono $ 65  
Technical, Shampoo & Cut (13/21) $ 110 Bridal Contract (Available on Request)
    Gift Certificates (Available on Request)

* Prices subject to change

Keratin Treatment has been growing in popularity due to the amazing results women and men have enjoyed after receiving this treatment, provided by the experienced hair stylists at Manolo Salons.

The revolutionary formula in Keratin Treatment is often described as “liquid hair” in that it revitalizes the quality of your hair from the inside. Not only does it help to restore your beautiful hair, but also aids in preventing future damage from occurring as a result of daily threats to the health of your hair such as pollution and UV rays. The professionals providing you with Keratin Treatment at Manolo Salons are fully certified, as is required, to provide this outstanding hair care service.

Keratin treatments are only provided by appointment, so please call our friendly Dallas Stylists today to discuss which time would work best for you! To schedule your appointment to receive Keratin Treatment, please call (972) 385-8177 today!

Keratin Express (6 Wk Process Starts at) $ 125
Keratin (12 Wk Process Starts at) $ 250
Keratin Color Lock & Smooth $ 75

* Prices subject to change

Manolo Salons uses the highest quality Dallas hair extensions to ensure you receive your desired look! Our experienced stylists can work with you to determine which brand of extension and type of extension would work best for your hair type and style. Please give the friendly professionals at our Dallas Salons a call today at (972) 385-8177 to schedule your appointment for exceptional hair stylist services at Manolo Salons!

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