Feathering – A Hot New Look to Strut Your Stuff

Feathered ExtensionsPeople have been weaving feathers of all kinds into their hair for centuries, but the look has now become one of the hottest trends in hairstyles.  While there is some competition for credit regarding just who started this trend (Seattle, Los Angeles, or Denver), the reality is the look is not just for the rich and famous (think Steven Tyler, Hillary Swank, and Miley Cyrus, just to name a few). In fact, so many men and women are into this look that fishing tackle stores are having a hard time keeping rooster feathers in stock for their fly fishing anglers!

The trendy hairstyle gained popularity earlier this year and has become a fashion statement for anyone looking to express their personality in a fun, cool way.  Depending on your preference or mood, you can have a subtle, fun look, or go hard-core rocker.  The technique involves weaving rooster, pheasant, or peacock feathers into your own hair, or onto hair extensions.

The feathers used in the process are not artificial, and typically sourced from birds that are farm-grown (no birds are harmed just to get the feathers).  They are not artificially colored, so it will not run when they gets wet.  The application does not damage your hair and the feathers can be washed and dried with a blow dryer.  They can also be crimped or curled with an iron, working right into whatever overall style you wish.  If you wake up one morning and decide you want them out, you can remove them yourself without chemicals or a special process.

There are a number of feather types to choose from and the colors are virtually unlimited!  The feather weave will last for weeks or you can change as often as you like.  If you find it suits your personality, sense of adventure, and personal style call your stylist and give it a go!