Essential Summer-Proofing Solutions for Hair Color

Summer-proof your hairAre you protecting your hair color this summer? The warm-weather days spent having fun in the sun, swimming in the pool or riding ocean waves can wreak havoc on your hair color. Both untreated and chemically tinted hair are susceptible to fading and changing, so the warning applies to all of us. International stylist and color expert Manolo shares some ways to summer-proof your hair against the biggest hair-color adversaries this season.

Hair Color Culprit: Sun

UV rays from the sun break down the melanin in hair, which affects the color pigments. Chemically colored hair that receives a lot of sun can lighten as much as four shades. Although darker hair color is more resistant to fading, UV rays can still turn a natural hue a shade lighter.

Redheads, especially, whether natural or dyed, are most vulnerable to the effects of sun exposure. Deep reds weaken and lighter shades can fade into strawberry blonde. Sun-exposed red can also look brassy and orange.

Lakme Technia Sun Care ProtectionLakme Ultra RedColor-Saving Solution:

Everyone can benefit from a solar protective spray such as Lakmé Teknia Sun Care Protection. The spray’s UV filters combat sun damage while monoï oil provides manageability and boosts shine and softness. Red hair? Also try the shampoo and treatment from Lakmé’s Ultra Red product line, which contain coralline extract to help prevent loss of color.

Hair Color Culprit: Chlorine

Chlorine is basically hair color kryptonite – the bleach fades hair of all colors. The chemical can turn blonde hair green and leave grays looking yellow. Redheads and brunettes don’t escape fade-free either: chlorine makes red hair less vibrant and can dull brunette locks.

Kérastase Chroma ThermiqueColor-Saving Solution:

Applying a leave-in conditioner before entering the pool will create a chlorine barrier and protect tresses. Try Kérastase Chroma Thermique. This rich leave-in cream is the ultimate defender—it restores moisture, blocks harmful rays and keeps strands bright.

If you have no hair care products handy before your dip in the pool, try wetting hair with fresh water beforehand so it won’t absorb as much chlorine. Always rinse hair with fresh water after swimming in chlorinated water.

Hair Color Culprit: Salt Water

Salt water is bad for your hair because it can essentially “dehydrate” the strands and discolor pigment, making hair lackluster and dull. Overexposure to salt water can also leave hair tangled, rough feeling and hard to comb or brush out. If you have color in your hair, salt water damage would give it a very hard texture, and it can lighten your color.

Lakmé Teknia Color Stay TreatmentColor-Saving Solution:

If you’re bound for the beach, borrow from the pool playbook above: Apply a leave-in conditioner, and rinse with fresh water after swimming. The longer you wait to rinse out salt water, the more potential for color damage. After the beach, apply Lakmé Teknia Color Stay Treatment. This long-lasting protection system prolongs color, shine and brightness and leaves hair looking healthier.

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