Don’t be a Slave to Your Hair Dryer – Try Scrunching!

Try Scrunching!If you are tired of working with a blow dryer all the time, you are not alone.  As an alternative, try scrunching your hair for a timeless, carefree look that looks salon fresh.  Scrunching creates texture and movement that is complimentary to nearly all hair types, lengths, and cuts.  This technique has been compared to crumpling up a piece of paper and can be done immediately after color and/or highlight treatments.

Hair that has some natural wave or curl responds nicely; if you have fine, straight hair it may take a little more time to get your look just right.  Regardless of hair type, wash your hair, but do not condition afterward.  Rinse with cold water to seal in moisture and blot hair nearly dry with a towel.  For fine to medium hair, apply a volumizer at the roots; for a softer look, apply a light mousse, sculpting cream, or styling spray to hair shafts.

Next, pick your desired texture enhancing scrunch product and styling spray.  Working in sections, apply product from the middle to the ends of your strands.  Place the ends in the palm of your hand, crumple hair toward the scalp, then close your hand, squeeze, and hold it for a short time while it sets.

A blow dryer either the “low” or “cool” setting can be used, but make sure you hold it back far enough to avoid blowing it and losing your scrunch.  If you use a finger diffuser, let the strands of hair rest in the bowl until it “sets”.  Once done, finish off with an appropriate glosser and hair spray, as recommended by your stylist.

Scrunching is an easy way to change your look, so don’t be afraid to experiment and find what suits you and your hair best!  Try crumpling large and small sections, finger waving against the scalp, or turn your hair upside down and scrunch up.  Work with your stylist to decide on the best technique and products for your needs, and have fun!