Do-It-Yourself vs. Professional Salon Color

Ask-Manolo-editSalons stylists in Dallas are often called upon to help reverse the devastation resulting from bad over-the-counter-color experiences. Although commercials make the model throwing her hair across her shoulder look enticing and the instructions included with the product make the process sound simple and easy; without the discipline of professional study and practical experience the slightest misstep may yield results that can be less than desirable, or even disastrous; and as product users, we are often left wondering “why?”

Many hair color products available in the market today are, in fact, safe for the majority of people to use passing rigorous testing by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). But more than just an approved product and easy to follow instructions should be considered before you decide to save a little money by becoming a do-it-yourself colorist!

Hair color chemistry from one person to another is different for a variety of reasons and many things can be at the root of different results. For instance, previous coloring or other chemical treatments can cause burning or breakage of the hair shaft. Certain medications can coat the hair shaft and hormonal changes in pregnancy affect how the color reacts and may interfere with absorption or cause hair loss. Additionally, mixing incompatible products may result in long- term damage or cause color results that appear unnatural. Product left in the hair to long or not long enough can also have a less sought-after result.

For these and other reasons, you may better understand why the services of a salon with certified and experienced hair colorists might be the better option. Your first step should be to schedule a consultation with a certified hair colorist at your salon of choice. Be sure to ask questions to ensure the professional hair color systems used are chosen with both safety and appealing results in mind. Whether you desire permanent grey coverage or simply a boost to your own natural shade seek the services of a professional hair colorist to help you decide the optimal treatment to maintain the structural integrity and health of your hair, not to mention your peace of mind.