Curly Hair Concerns?

Curl Expert Manolo Weighs In on Your Biggest Curly Hair Issues

Girls with curls love when hairstyle trends turn to celebrating hair’s natural texture. Who needs sleek and straight? Curls are appealing, unique and beautiful when properly cared for. But as unique as curly hair is, it also comes with its own unique set of challenges to manage and maintain. Curl expert, Manolo of Manolo Salons Dallas weighs in on these curly hair issues:


Curly hair especially needs to be treated and trimmed regularly by a salon professional who specializes in working with curls. This type of hair fiber is naturally dry and just tends to require more maintenance to stay healthy and hydrated, so regular visits to the salon – about every 6-8 weeks – are needed to keep curly hairstyles looking fresh and well-groomed.


Because of curly hair’s texture, it is crucial not to over process the hair and avoid using hair color that contains ammonia. There are certain coloring techniques that play up the texture and movement of curls, such as subtly highlighting strands. A good coloring product for curls are glosses, which seal and soften the rough cuticle of curly hair.


Never dry curly hair with a terry cloth towel. Friction on the hair fibers is what causes frizz, especially on naturally curly hair. It’s best to use a microfiber towel and scrunch pieces of the hair into the towel; do not vigorously rub your hair dry with the towel in between your palms.

When using heat to dry curly hair, first apply a curl activating gel and use a diffuser (maximum temperature, minimum speed.)


For styling curly hair, I prefer the CURL UP product line from Lakmé. It is specially formulated with an acid pH that seals the cuticle after the shaping treatment. The line also incorporates honey as an essential ingredient that deeply moisturizes the fibers, repairs damaged ends and even protects against excessive and repeated exposure to heat from dryers. For daily use, I recommend washing hair with Lakmé Teknia CURL UP Shampoo followed by Lakmé Teknia CURL UP Conditioner, which is a revitalizing leave-on moisturizer that gives roots the moisture they need at the scalp to stay well-defined and frizz-free. Then apply a curl activating gel and dry with a diffuser on the highest temperature and lowest speed. When the hair is dry, touch up with a curling wand and then fix the hair with K.Style Hard extreme hold spray.

Watch Lakmés Video on creating this curly hair style.


Lakmé has proved it is possible to control all kinds of curls and create natural, long-lasting, straight hair. The lines K.Straight and K.Wave by Lakmé incorporate a formula that strengthens the cuticle from the inside, making it possible to act on the shape of the hair without damaging its internal structure. The result is well-defined, elastic curls or smooth, long-lasting straight styles. frizz without removing curl

To smooth frizz without removing curl, it’s important to apply a balm or a curl activating gel before drying hair with a diffuser or just letting the hair air dry naturally. Great products that I use in the salon: K.Style Rings Curl Active Balm (hold factor 2) and K.Style Curl Action (hold factor 4).

Other curl tips

If you have curly hair, sleep on a satin pillow case. The right pillowcase that reduces friction against your hair will reduce your frizz in the morning as well as keep your curl pattern intact.

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