Beauty Treatments – What to Splurge on and Where to Save

Beauty Treatments - What to Splurge on and Where to SaveSpring has sprung, and fun in the sun is back in business. It’s time to get out of the house. While March Madness may be on the minds of men – you’re ready to start showing some skin. And here at Manolo Salons, we are in the business of making you look good!

It’s tough to water our money trees in the wintertime. I get it. A trip to the salon is in the works, but don’t worry, at Manolo Salons you’ve got options. A few beautification budgeting tips from international Image Consultant Manolo is just what the doctor ordered.

Here’s how to budget your beauty bucks this spring:

Want to Splurge: Image Consulting – The Whole She-bang

The only constant in life is change and more change. So when a trip to the salon turns into a desire for lifestyle makeover – Image Consulting with Manolo is the best solution. As the birds begin to chirp, and flowers bloom, you shouldn’t be afraid to blossom, either. When you’re looking for a “Wow!” more than a few “You look goods” – we’ll be waiting. Taking your image to the next level is a must-splurge service this spring. Manolo’s image consulting package offers a complete, full-service product – featuring hair, nails, skin, makeup, and more.

Need to Save: Hair Care Services

Hair Services - Manolo SalonsIf the whole package isn’t an economical option, consider a focus on your tresses. Nothing says “a new you” like changing how your locks lay as the wind blows. Spending on hair care services is A-Okay in the springtime. A fresh cut or a stunning new style should be on your docket. A quick color change is another exciting possibility while extension services are always in season. No matter how you’re hoping to tailor your look this year – hair care services are always a smart investment. New styling products can also enhance your image further.

Want to Splurge: Back Facial Treatment – The Full Monty

Warm weather equals less clothing and more skin seeing the sun. Strapless dresses, swimsuits, and more reveal your back to the world. Often, this back of yours hasn’t made a public appearance for the last 3-5 months. So splurge on a back facial treatment to eliminate any blemishes on your backside before the whole world starts watching. Your little black dress will thank you.

Need to Save: Facial Services

Facial - Manolo SalonsIf your backside isn’t your biggest concern, then why not check out our salon facial services. Sure to give you’re the glimmer and shine you desire while reducing fine lines and wrinkles we all despise. If anti-aging facial treatments are in the plans, a facial here at Manolo Salons is the perfect place to start.

Want to Splurge: Treatment Manicure & Herbal 21 Pedicure – Top of the Line

Winter does a doozy on your hands and feet. The cold, dry air combines to leave your cuticles and more feeling cracked and crusty. A Hydrating Hand Treatment Manicure and Herbal 21 Pedicure form Manolo Salons might be just what Mother Nature calls for. We are confident these treatments will rejuvenate the way your hands and feet look. Get that fantastic feeling back between your fingers and toes before it’s time for some sand and sun.

Need to Save: Nail Care Services

Nail Care Services - Manolo SalonsIf the full treatment isn’t for you– then a prime and primp nail service or two is here for the taking. Manicure and pedicure services ensure your hands and feet look fresh while you hit the town for a spring night out. With expert nail technicians and a wide range of offerings, your nails will thank you.

Splurge & Save Your Way to a Stunning Spring

No matter your preference or pleasure, we understand that no single package fits all. Let Manolo Salons help put your perfect package in motion. Discover your beauty just in time for spring. Get in touch today. Our spring schedule fills up fast!

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