6 Tips for Managing Your Hair While Traveling

Dry ShampooWhether you’re heading home for the holidays, off to explore a new city or hitting the slopes at a mountain resort, you can have great hair throughout your trip if you’re smart about what you pack. Managing your hair while you’re on the road requires a bit of planning since you can’t bring your entire bathroom setup, and if you’re flying, any liquids and creams must meet the 3 oz. TSA guidelines for air travel.

There are a few items that you may not think of packing that can work miracles when you’re away from home. Manolo offers these six tips to ensure that every day on your trip is a good hair day and that you avoid any on-the-road hair care hassles.

Manolo Salons - Pack The Essentials1. Pack the Essentials

Shampoo and conditioner should be packed. Instead of selecting whichever shampoo and conditioner are available in travel size, buy empty 3 oz. bottles that are TSA approved and fill them with your own products. Leave the hair dryer at home – most hotels will provide one that will get the job done, but you can call ahead and inquire about the amenities if you are unsure.

Manolo Salons - Boar Bristle Brush2. Use a Natural Boar Bristle Brush

To keep hair looking smooth and static-free, Manolo recommends traveling with a natural boar bristle brush in your carry-on. The natural sebum in the boar bristles reduces frizz and the need for styling products while traveling.

3. Don’t Forget Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a travel must. It soaks up the oil your scalp produces, cleans and deodorizes hair and adds volume. Apply dry shampoo to air dried or blow dried hair, not on wet hair. Check out these 5 Favorite Dry Shampoos.

4. Know a Couple of Easy Hairstyles

Knowing a few low-maintenance, easy hair styles for traveling can save you time and stress over your tresses. Check out these 5 Easy Travel Hair Styles for your next trip. A good hat and pretty hair accessories are also stylish alternatives to spending time fussing with hair products.

Manolo Salons - Kerastase Nutritive Masque5. Get a Pre-Holiday Hair Treatment

Especially with the dry air that is so common in the fall and winter air, it’s a good idea to treat your hair to a moisturizing hair treatment before your travels. Applying a hydrating mask once a week for about a month before your trip will stop your hair becoming dry and brittle. The Kérastase Nutritive Masque and provides long-lasting defense against the return of dryness and is available for purchase at Manolo Salons.

6. Save the Haircut for Home

The reality is that there are some less than professional stylists out there that may be inconsistent with the quality if they know you’re from out of town and they will never see you again. Don’t take the chance of getting a bad haircut while traveling and having to go in to your regular salon to get it fixed as soon as you return.

Hopefully, with these tips, you can prepare and pack accordingly so that you can have great hair throughout your entire vacation. Happy travels!